Carers needed to fill shoes

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Anglicare Victoria Eastern Region is reporting a need for new foster carers to fill the shoes of carers no longer actively taking new placements. But it’s not for the reasons which may immediately come to mind.

In the space of just a few months, three young people who’ve been supported by the Adolescent Community Placement Program (ACP) for the past 4-5 years have all celebrated their 18th birthdays. All three will stay on with their foster carers for the forseeable future even though it is technically no longer an official foster care placement.

These are fantastic outcomes for young people who clearly enjoy strong relationships with their foster carers.

But with these foster carers continuing to have full houses after the official end of the placement, there is a shortage of placement options available to young people in the region. 

Anglicare Victoria, now more than ever, needs new foster carers to fill the shoes of these carers.

You can hear an interview with a foster carer of adolescents by following this link, or to find out more about becoming involved by calling 1300 889 335.


Jason* needs you one weekend a month!

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Do you live in or near Melbourne’s Eastern region? Do you enjoy spending time with kids? Do you have one weekend a month to spare for a family in need of some support? Read on!

Jason is a 10 year old boy with high functioning autism who loves DVD’s, computers and playing with Lego. Jason would really benefit from some one-to-one time as part of a regular respite arrangement, which would also give his mother a well earned break.

As a respite carer you would work closely with Jason’s mum would be able to offer support and all of the necessary information needed to be able to care for Jason appropriately. You would also be supported  by the Disability Program.

If you think you could spare one weekend a month to support Jason and his family please call 1300 889 335 to find out how to get started.

If you live in other parts of Victoria but feel interested in similar roles in your local area simply call 1800 013 088 to find out more.

*names have been changed in the interests of privacy

“Some food, something to drink, a warm bed, a teddy to snuggle”

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Being woken up to a phone call at 3am may not be everybody’s idea of a good time but for Meryl and Phillip Adams, being Emergency Foster Carers is a rewarding thing to be doing.

“Those are the times when children are obviously most in need, when they’re most vulnerable”, Meryl says, “Its rewarding to be the family who comforts children and gives them a safe environment when there really isn’t anyone else who can do that.”

 Meryl and Phillip have regularly taken children into their home who are caught in a crisis situation.

“A little while back two little girls arrived in the night in a pair of pyjamas given to them by the caseworker and that was all they had. Obviously the children were quite distressed and exhausted so the main thing was to have a warm bed ready for them with some teddies for them to snuggle and something to drink and eat.”

Meryl believes that even in short placements she can have a positive impact on children. “Even if the placement is only for a day, the children have experienced a safe place– they take away a feeling that they are special and they do deserve that.

“As an emergency carer you need to be available to spend that time with them so that even if it’s just a short time it’s as meaningful as possible.”

Anglicare Victoria Eastern Region needs 30 additional emergency carers who would be available to take children and young people for unplanned placements once or twice a month. Placements could be 1-3 nights while decisions are being made about the most suitable place for the child. The majority of these placements would be made during daytime hours.

If you’d like to find out more please call 1300 889 335.

Help needed to foster his future

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Photo by Jarrod: "The carers look after me and I want people to know they are kind"

Two years ago Marge and her partner, Kevin, became foster carers so that they could support a young boy living in a residential care unit.

“Kevin knew Jarrod (not his real name) through his job as a Residential Care Worker and they really connected so we decided to become respite foster carers for him.”

For Marge, being a foster carer and getting to know Jarrod has been incredibly rewarding. But she says that while she will continue to be involved in a grandmotherly role, Jarrod really needs a family environment.

“He needs the security and support that comes with a family. All those things that most of us consider to be ‘normal’ he has never had due to his past experiences of instability and of being cared for by staff in a residential unit.”

Marge says Jarrod’s perfect foster carer would be someone with the energy to support his interest in trains, mechanics and bike riding.

“Someone who could take him bike riding or just on a train trip would be great. That probably means someone 20 years younger than me who has a little more energy!”

“Someone who wants to make a long term difference, helping him become an adult who makes good decisions- that’s the kind of person who would make a huge difference in his life.”

Men, women and families from all walks of life between the ages of 21 and 80 are encouraged to call Anglicare Victoria about becoming a foster carer or a respite carer for local young people. Call 1300 889 335 or e-mail for more information.

Can you Foster His Future?

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matthew.picAnglicare Victoria Eastern Region is running a campaign to find a foster carer for “Matthew” (not his real name).

Matthew is 16 years old who loves basketball, school and helping out around the home. He currently lives in Residential Care but according to Anglicare Victoria a home environment is what he needs to reach his full potential.

If you would like more information call 1300 889 335, e-mail or read over the website and media release. 

Anglicare Victoria will be holding information sessions about Matthew on September 22nd, Nunawading Civic Centre (Courtyard Room) at 1:00-2:00 and 7:30-8:30. Call 1300 889 335 to register your interest.

Foster Care Information Evening

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Anglicare Victoria will be holding a foster care information evening next week in Box Hill. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about foster care or becoming a carer is encouraged to attend.

Wednesday May 27th
7.30 – 8.30pm
@ Anglicare Box Hill – 7-11 Shipley Street, Box Hill

Call Josh on 1300 889 335 for further details. All welcome.

Foster Mums celebrated this Mother’s Day

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photo by Steve Tanner, Free Press Leader

Sassafras foster mum, Steph Berg, has a lot to celebrate on Mother’s Days. Not only is she mum to her five year old son but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate her role as a foster mum for a young girl in her care.

Steph describes the role as a very special experience and this Mother’s day she is encouraging other people to become foster mums and dads.

Call 1300 889 335 to find out more about foster care.

Friends Training this week!

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Friends support children and their foster carers through mentoring, tutoring, child-minding,spending social time, transport and other practical assistance.

If you live in the Melbourne’s eastern region why not get involved? The first step is coming along to training which will be running this week on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Friends for Foster Care training includes stories from real carers and children, hands-on activities and discussions.

For more information or to book your place call Jessica on 1300 889 335.

Foster caring enriches life says Hoddles Creek mum

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image from Lilydale and Yarra Valley LeaderLisa and Steven Webb and their family have described fostering as rewarding for the whole family. The family have been involved for 18 months and have a particular focus on sibling groups. Read more about the Webb’s story or come along to an information night to find out more. 

image from Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader


Call for more carers in the Yarra Ranges

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The Ranges Trader Mail and the Belgrave/ Ferntree Gully Mail have reported on the need for carers in the Yarra Ranges. Monbulk resident and current foster carer with Anglicare Victoria, Judy James, shares her experiences of being a involved, and urges others to give it a go.

If you live in the Yarra Ranges and would like to find out more you can come to an information session, call Anglicare Victoria on 1300 889 335 for an information pack or make an online enquiry.

*Online enquiries are the best option for people living outside the Yarra Ranges to find out more about foster care in your local community.

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