Focus on Foster Dads!

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Foster dads can play an important role in a child’s life and in some cases may be among the very few positive male role models a child has encountered. Malcolm and his wife have been fostering for four years now.

“My role is more as a supportive carer as I work all day and my wife is the one at home with the kids. Foster care is something we’ve always wanted to do and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it… well maybe not every bit but all in all we enjoy it! I do movie nights and popcorn with the kids or take them out on the weekend. If we have boys I often take them fishing or to the footy, fixing the car– just normal things, Dad things.”


Focus on Foster Dads!

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In the lead up to Father’s Day we thought we would shine the spotlight on just a few of our foster dads to celebrate what they do. Our first is Toon, who has been a foster carer in partnership with his wife for just under 2 years.

Being a foster dad really gives me a sense of contribution. At training everybody talked about making a difference but until you start doing it you just don’t realise how true those words are. I’m a lot richer in terms of my being for being a foster carer for these kids.

A day in the life of a foster brother…

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We all have many questions when we’re thinking about becoming involved in foster care. But for parents one of the most common questions is; How will this affect my own children?

We talked to 12 year old Liam, who is a foster brother, to hear about the experience of fostering from his perspective.

“It’s pretty easy to be a foster brother. If you get along well with them it’s like having a friend stay for a while.

You get to hopefully help kids like stopping them from getting into drugs and you help them have a better life.
I guess it would be hard if you don’t get along. Sometimes it might be hard on the first night but when you get to know them they’re really good. You just find things you have in common, you can usually find at least one thing you have in common.

Seeing the changes is great. For example some of the kids used to try and steal but you see their behaviour and attitudes change.

What advice would you give to other kids
I’ve made lifelong friends, it’s really good.

What advice would you give to parents who are worried about their kids if they become foster carers?
Well the kids probably won’t like the idea at the start and they’ll be really worried. But once they start they’ll really like it. When they get the first call for the first placement they’ll definitely be excited.

Has being a foster brother changed your life in any other ways?
Yeah I want to be a psychologist when I grow up so that I can work with kids in foster care. I really like helping people.

Help needed to foster his future

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Photo by Jarrod: "The carers look after me and I want people to know they are kind"

Two years ago Marge and her partner, Kevin, became foster carers so that they could support a young boy living in a residential care unit.

“Kevin knew Jarrod (not his real name) through his job as a Residential Care Worker and they really connected so we decided to become respite foster carers for him.”

For Marge, being a foster carer and getting to know Jarrod has been incredibly rewarding. But she says that while she will continue to be involved in a grandmotherly role, Jarrod really needs a family environment.

“He needs the security and support that comes with a family. All those things that most of us consider to be ‘normal’ he has never had due to his past experiences of instability and of being cared for by staff in a residential unit.”

Marge says Jarrod’s perfect foster carer would be someone with the energy to support his interest in trains, mechanics and bike riding.

“Someone who could take him bike riding or just on a train trip would be great. That probably means someone 20 years younger than me who has a little more energy!”

“Someone who wants to make a long term difference, helping him become an adult who makes good decisions- that’s the kind of person who would make a huge difference in his life.”

Men, women and families from all walks of life between the ages of 21 and 80 are encouraged to call Anglicare Victoria about becoming a foster carer or a respite carer for local young people. Call 1300 889 335 or e-mail for more information.

Queen’s Birthday Honours for Foster Carer

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Congratulations to Beverley Orr of Giralang, ACT for receiving the honour of the Medal of the Order of Australia.

Beverley recieves her award for her service to the community, particularly children through foster care and child protection.

This award is great recognition personally for Beverley, as well as being reflective of the great contributions made on a daily basis by each and every foster carer across Australia caring for our most vulnerable children.

Anglicare Victoria’s Eastern Region will be recognising graduating carers who have been accredited in the past 12 months as well as foster carers reaching significant service milestones of  five, ten and 15 years. 

Foster Carers with Anglicare Victoria are currently submitting nominations for carer awards under the categories of Community Spirit Award, Service Award, Advocacy Award and the Brighter Futures award, to also be presented at the award ceremony.

Foster caring enriches life says Hoddles Creek mum

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image from Lilydale and Yarra Valley LeaderLisa and Steven Webb and their family have described fostering as rewarding for the whole family. The family have been involved for 18 months and have a particular focus on sibling groups. Read more about the Webb’s story or come along to an information night to find out more. 

image from Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader


Parent News: Available Online

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A one-stop resource for parents and carers in the Eastern Region is now available online. The newsletters are produced each term and are packed with contacts to support groups, courses and many other events.


Music Together
For children 1-5 years old, encourages supportive, nurturing rleationships bewteen parents/ carers and children through music. Let by creative arts therapists across the region from Cantebury to Mooroolbark.
Details page 9.

The Raising Children Network
The need for a national parenting information website grew out of research into what parents, carers and practitioners working with parents require. The research showed that parents complain of information overload and simultaneously an inability to find trustworthy information in one place. The Raising Children Network website is a national, reliable, user-friendly resource.

Sections include:

  • Parenting in picture – basic baby care
  • Tools to encourage good behaviour – parenting skills
  • My Neighbourhood – interactive map of helpful services.
  • Recipes and meal ideas
  • Working with Parents – for professionals

Details on page 3 or go directly to the Raising Children website.

Newsletter from other regions (Southern and Northern) are also available.

Follow us on Twitter

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You can now follow our updates on twitter by following the links below or through the Twitter link on the side-bar.

Foster Care Victoria State Conference

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The Victorian State Home Based Care Conference upon us again on Saturday the 9th of May. “Being the Best” is this year’s theme, looking at best of everything; best carers, best supports, best theories, best practice…. Simply the best!

Go to the FCAV’s website for registrations, programs and to nominate for “Best Awards”.

“Foster Carers Come from All Walks of Life”

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The campaign launched last week continues to gather attention with the story also reported by the ABC.

At the same time there are strong calls for a significant structural changes in the way that Out of Home Care systems operate, especially in light of the expected launch of a national framework for Child Protection by the Federal Government. Read more in an article written by Coleen Clare, chief executive of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, published in The Age.

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