This blog has several main contributors, all of whom have extensive experience in the foster care field as workers supporting, training and recruiting carers, and some as carers themselves.  We started this blog in recognition that it is not easy for current or prospective carers to find information on the internet concerning resources, events and news in one location, without having to wade through loads of irrelevant information.  It is particularly focused on Victorian news and events, but we also provide many resources that should be of interest to carers nationally.  If you have any suggestions on what you think will be helpful to add to this blog, please let us know.  Thankyou for visiting!


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  1. A notice for the AGM of Gippsland Region Fosterparents and Caregivers Association at Baw Baw Technology Centre Princes Hwy, Trafalgar, 10am to midday Thursday 16th August 2007. For info ph 0419 324862

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this Peter. I will write it up in a post. Hope the AGM goes well!

  3. Hi Christina
    I am so happy to have found you all. I am in QLD: am an ex foster carer (one has aged out of care but still lives with me), a social worker and a protective behaviour trainer.

    We have started a forum – the largest online child protection conversation in the world and we would welcome all of your comments, particularly in regard to foster and adoption issues.

    I’ll add you to my blog roll.

    I suggest you join Bumpzee (they have a very active Australian community and an index of top 100 Aussie blogs – fostering needs to be on there) and look at submitting to the Carnivals of Australia and All Women. Even if you don’t remember to do it, I’ll help push you along into the blogoshere. The quicker child protection becomes a searchable term, the better!

    There is also a Carnival of Sexual Violence and a Carnival of Child Abuse.

    Doesn’t look like you’ve claimed a technorati address yet: do that too as many US foster carers like to search for Aussie experiences.

    I am glad I have found you.

    I have entered you to StumbleUpon as well, with the tags of child protection and Australia.

  4. Hi Megan, thanks for your encouragement and suggestions for getting the word out there! I tend to spend more time trawling the net etc for content than thinking so much about promotion of the blog, although I am keen for it to be found, and for it to hopefully grow into a valuable and useful resource for anyone interested in fostering and associated issues. I will add a link to your site too.

  5. Hello,
    Nice website, surprised I’d not seen it before.

    Would you be able to add another organisation to your “Where can I foster?” links?

    Abercare Family Services


  6. just checking in as I do occasionally – it’s still looking good – good dialogue happening. One thing – can you change the name of the link to Office for Children to ‘Department of Human Services – Children, Youth and Families’ & you might need to change the url as well.
    all the best

  7. This is a great site! Thanks for all the useful information

  8. I appreciate the concern of your website! Would it be possible to add our link to your website, seeing that we specialize in prevention of drinking and driving?


    Best Regards

  9. The article about St Luke’s practice of not doubling up unrelated children in foster care was based on a presentation to the National Foster Care conference in Sydney on Oct 31st, 2008. Titled “Keys to Stability – Getting serious about systems abuse and the ways fostering services unwittingly perpetrate it. How the co-location of a permanent care and fostering service has benefitted children in foster care.”

    Based on knowledge of children referred to Permanent Care and the amount of placement instability and number of children placed around them at times in busy fostering households, St Luke’s Foster Care program decided in 2005 to make changes. Wherever possible only related children are placed together. “Doubling up” is not about having more than 1 child, in this paper it referred to having children from different families placed together. St Luke’s, like most fostering agencies, has carers approved for sibling groups of 2,3 and 4. Siblings are placed together wherever possible.

    Three years on, 87% of children had only 1 placement (in the same episode of care).

    The paper will be available on the conference website soon and is likely to be presented in Victoria in the coming months.

  10. […] Already, Kaye has told us that there has been a remarkable increase in placement stability, “87% of children had only 1 placement (in the same episode of care).” We look forward to reading the related paper from the recent national foster care conference […]

  11. Hello All,

    Just letting you know that the Muslim foster care program, called Daar Aasya, is about to hold it’s next information session in partnership with Oz Child in the Lysterfield Mosque. Anyone interested should attend.

    Where: The Lysterfield Isomer Mosque – 1273 Wellington Road, Lysterfield

    When: Sunday, 21 December from 2pm to 4:30pm.

    To register your interest in attending, or to find out more, please contact Daar Aasya at daaraasya@mercymission.org.au or on 0413-127-595.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for linking to Abercare Family Services under Where Can I Foster: just to keep you up to date, Abercare has recently changed its name to Baptcare Family Services, and there’s a new URL for the FAQ page you’re linking to: http://www.baptcare.org.au/lwp/wcm/connect/Baptist/Services/Baptcare+Family+Services/Foster+Care+FAQ

  13. Hello;I would be happy from your invitation.I would like to help in Your Organisation; institution;association ;foundation ;etc. as worker;Teacher;Project Manager etc. areas.Sincerely Yours:Melbourne-Australia:23.10.2009
    A/ Prof.Mursel AKDENK

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  15. Hello – this is a great website.

    Just wondering if you could please add MacKillop Family Services under Where Can I Foster and also under Register Your Interest Online. The website is http://www.mackillop.org.au .

    Thanks very much.

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