Focus on Foster Dads

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Most people are unaware that single men to can apply and become foster carers. We have many single foster dads who do a fantastic job with children and young people in care, among them is Brian who has been a foster carer for adolescent boys for the past 4 years.

“I became a foster carer to I guess give young people in need a roof over their heads and a second chance. Just to be there as an adult figure- being someone they can talk to is really rewarding. You hopefully give them some knowledge and, being older, you want them to start to do things themselves like doing their own washing. You’re really getting them ready to live on their own. As adolescents they have different problems so it’s a matter of listening to them and having more patience. It’s really rewarding, just seeing them change and improve and get on with life. Just seeing a smile on their face.”

Focus on Foster Dads

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Michael and his wife have been fostering for 3 years now, as well as having four young children of their own. As we look forward to Father’s Day we thought we’d find out a bit more about our foster dads.

“Being a foster dad is about giving someone a chance to experience what a “normal family” is like, to experience the love, safety and I guess belonging. I’m the main caregiver in our family so I guess I get more of the calls than my wife who works full-time”


Focus on Foster Dads!

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Foster dads can play an important role in a child’s life and in some cases may be among the very few positive male role models a child has encountered. Malcolm and his wife have been fostering for four years now.

“My role is more as a supportive carer as I work all day and my wife is the one at home with the kids. Foster care is something we’ve always wanted to do and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it… well maybe not every bit but all in all we enjoy it! I do movie nights and popcorn with the kids or take them out on the weekend. If we have boys I often take them fishing or to the footy, fixing the car– just normal things, Dad things.”

Focus on Foster Dads!

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In the lead up to Father’s Day we thought we would shine the spotlight on just a few of our foster dads to celebrate what they do. Our first is Toon, who has been a foster carer in partnership with his wife for just under 2 years.

Being a foster dad really gives me a sense of contribution. At training everybody talked about making a difference but until you start doing it you just don’t realise how true those words are. I’m a lot richer in terms of my being for being a foster carer for these kids.

Carers needed to fill shoes

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Anglicare Victoria Eastern Region is reporting a need for new foster carers to fill the shoes of carers no longer actively taking new placements. But it’s not for the reasons which may immediately come to mind.

In the space of just a few months, three young people who’ve been supported by the Adolescent Community Placement Program (ACP) for the past 4-5 years have all celebrated their 18th birthdays. All three will stay on with their foster carers for the forseeable future even though it is technically no longer an official foster care placement.

These are fantastic outcomes for young people who clearly enjoy strong relationships with their foster carers.

But with these foster carers continuing to have full houses after the official end of the placement, there is a shortage of placement options available to young people in the region. 

Anglicare Victoria, now more than ever, needs new foster carers to fill the shoes of these carers.

You can hear an interview with a foster carer of adolescents by following this link, or to find out more about becoming involved by calling 1300 889 335.

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