“Some food, something to drink, a warm bed, a teddy to snuggle”

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Being woken up to a phone call at 3am may not be everybody’s idea of a good time but for Meryl and Phillip Adams, being Emergency Foster Carers is a rewarding thing to be doing.

“Those are the times when children are obviously most in need, when they’re most vulnerable”, Meryl says, “Its rewarding to be the family who comforts children and gives them a safe environment when there really isn’t anyone else who can do that.”

 Meryl and Phillip have regularly taken children into their home who are caught in a crisis situation.

“A little while back two little girls arrived in the night in a pair of pyjamas given to them by the caseworker and that was all they had. Obviously the children were quite distressed and exhausted so the main thing was to have a warm bed ready for them with some teddies for them to snuggle and something to drink and eat.”

Meryl believes that even in short placements she can have a positive impact on children. “Even if the placement is only for a day, the children have experienced a safe place– they take away a feeling that they are special and they do deserve that.

“As an emergency carer you need to be available to spend that time with them so that even if it’s just a short time it’s as meaningful as possible.”

Anglicare Victoria Eastern Region needs 30 additional emergency carers who would be available to take children and young people for unplanned placements once or twice a month. Placements could be 1-3 nights while decisions are being made about the most suitable place for the child. The majority of these placements would be made during daytime hours.

If you’d like to find out more please call 1300 889 335.


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