Help needed to foster his future

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Photo by Jarrod: "The carers look after me and I want people to know they are kind"

Two years ago Marge and her partner, Kevin, became foster carers so that they could support a young boy living in a residential care unit.

“Kevin knew Jarrod (not his real name) through his job as a Residential Care Worker and they really connected so we decided to become respite foster carers for him.”

For Marge, being a foster carer and getting to know Jarrod has been incredibly rewarding. But she says that while she will continue to be involved in a grandmotherly role, Jarrod really needs a family environment.

“He needs the security and support that comes with a family. All those things that most of us consider to be ‘normal’ he has never had due to his past experiences of instability and of being cared for by staff in a residential unit.”

Marge says Jarrod’s perfect foster carer would be someone with the energy to support his interest in trains, mechanics and bike riding.

“Someone who could take him bike riding or just on a train trip would be great. That probably means someone 20 years younger than me who has a little more energy!”

“Someone who wants to make a long term difference, helping him become an adult who makes good decisions- that’s the kind of person who would make a huge difference in his life.”

Men, women and families from all walks of life between the ages of 21 and 80 are encouraged to call Anglicare Victoria about becoming a foster carer or a respite carer for local young people. Call 1300 889 335 or e-mail for more information.

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