New Campaign Launched Today: 1000 carers needed

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Foster a Brighter Future is the theme of a new campaign launched today in Melbourne. The message is one of inclusivity, “Foster carers come from all walks of life” with inspiring interviews with carers featured on a new website, a new Community Service Announcement (Radio and TV) and a new DVD.

At the launch, the Victorian Minister for Community Services, representatives of CWAV and other prominent people involved in developing the new campaign spoke at the event to an audience of foster care staff, foster carers media and many more. But the most inspiring speeches were from people with first hand experience of foster care: Tracy, a carer of 23 years and Youssif Assafiri who spent the majority of his teenage year in foster care. Youssif, now working for a foster care agency himself, echoed the admiration for the work that foster carers do and encouraged more people to make a difference in the lives of children in care. He says he wants not 1000 new carers, but 1001 new carers by the end of the year.

Other regional launches will be occurring throughout Victoria over the next few weeks as the campaign brings to focus the needs of 5000 children in care in Victoria.

You can read the media release as well as view the community service announcement and interviews with real carers at the new “Foster a Brighter Future” website.


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  2. Good luck with your campaign to recruit carers in Victoria.

    Galilee is a local ACT not-for-profit which also recruits and trains Foster Carers. If anyone from the ACT wants to find out more, contact us on (02) 6290 2191.

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