Now we are six: Australian story

March 2, 2009 at 3:35 pm | Posted in Around the Nation, Articles, Links, Media, Stories | 5 Comments

ABC’s Australian story showed an emotional and insightful story about foster care last week. The story follows foster carer Yael Abraham and mother of 7 children currently in care, Michelle. It shows how fruitful and positive good relationships with birth families can be, but also how difficult they are to build and maintain. I thought these lines in particular showed a real strength from Yael:

I feel that Michelle and I are in this together. The childre might be all we have in common. But that’s enough. 

I’m in a partnership with the mother of the children. There has not even been a moment when I felt it is detrimental for the children to see their mother. yes I have had moments of frustration and anger, but they’ve been fleeting moments.

You can read the complete transcript on the website. There is also a clip from the program available on the website too.

This story caused quite a stir with audiences with varying responsestowards Yael’s motivations as a foster carer as well as fears that children needlessly are removed. I think it is quite clear that Yael has been able to be responsive to the needs of the foster children in her care over and above her own needs, and that the ability of Michelle look after her children was carefully investigated and considered. It’s important to understand that children and young people need a sense of stability and therefore at some point decisions have to be made about their long-term to permanent care arrangements. 

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  1. Thanks for your comments about the program. This is Yael, and I wish to report the children continue to do very well and are happy to be in care. My oldest daughter and I now do public speaking on the subject!! You can contact us through which will be completed in one week.

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    Now we are six: Australian story | Foster Care Victoria

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