Local communities share the message

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Campaign launches throughout Victoria are echoing the message of a need for more carers. Gippsland needs 60 new carers this year and other regional areas are seeking similar numbers. Carers are also needed throughout Melbourne, including Monash.

Information Sessions In The Yarra Ranges

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If you live in the Yarra Ranges or surrounding areas of Melbourne you may be interested in attending one of Anglicare Victoria’s upcoming foster care information sessions.

Foster Care Information Night – Yarra Glen
@ Yarra Glen Memorial Hall, Corner of Bell Street & Anzac Avenue
28th April 2009, beginning at 7:30 pm

Foster Care Information Night – Kallista
@ Kallista Community House, 2 Church Street
29th April 2009, beginning at 7:30 pm

Call Josh on 1300 889 335 for more information.

Campaign Launch: Eastern Metro Region

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Anglicare Victoria will host the Eastern Metropolitan foster care campaign launch on Thursday 26th of March. The campaign aims to promote the a message of diversity, that “Foster carers come from all walks of life”.

1000 new carers are needed in Victoria in the next year to care for the 2500 children currently in foster care. Among the speakers at the launch will be a currently foster carer who began her passion for caring for children in need 42 years ago. She will share her some of her many experiences throughout the past 4 decades.

 Journalists and community politician and leaders who are interested in attending should call 1300 889 335 to find our more.

“Foster Carers Come from All Walks of Life”

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The campaign launched last week continues to gather attention with the story also reported by the ABC.

At the same time there are strong calls for a significant structural changes in the way that Out of Home Care systems operate, especially in light of the expected launch of a national framework for Child Protection by the Federal Government. Read more in an article written by Coleen Clare, chief executive of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, published in The Age.

From kid in care to carer: repaying a debt of gratitude (The Age)

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Youssif Assafiri inspired many people with his speech at the launch on Wednesday, and he’s now inspiring people across Victoria. In this article in The Age, Youssif shares his experience of separation from his family, residential care units and everytually foster carers. Youssif is now a residential care worker himself and advocate of foster care.

Foster a Brighter Future: Video

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Or you can visit the website for more videos and stories from Victorian foster carers.

New Campaign Launched Today: 1000 carers needed

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Foster a Brighter Future is the theme of a new campaign launched today in Melbourne. The message is one of inclusivity, “Foster carers come from all walks of life” with inspiring interviews with carers featured on a new website, a new Community Service Announcement (Radio and TV) and a new DVD.

At the launch, the Victorian Minister for Community Services, representatives of CWAV and other prominent people involved in developing the new campaign spoke at the event to an audience of foster care staff, foster carers media and many more. But the most inspiring speeches were from people with first hand experience of foster care: Tracy, a carer of 23 years and Youssif Assafiri who spent the majority of his teenage year in foster care. Youssif, now working for a foster care agency himself, echoed the admiration for the work that foster carers do and encouraged more people to make a difference in the lives of children in care. He says he wants not 1000 new carers, but 1001 new carers by the end of the year.

Other regional launches will be occurring throughout Victoria over the next few weeks as the campaign brings to focus the needs of 5000 children in care in Victoria.

You can read the media release as well as view the community service announcement and interviews with real carers at the new “Foster a Brighter Future” website.

Friends Training next week (Free!)

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handsIf you live in Monash, Knox, Maroondah and the surrounding areas we particularly need you to become a supporter of Foster Care in you local area as part of the Friends program. Friends support foster children and their carers in a variety of ways contributing to placement stability and positive experiences.

To become a Friend the first step is to attend a training session, the next of which is to be held next week (Wednesday 25th March). Training is free for participants and covers a range of topic areas including an understanding of foster care, understanding experiences of children in care, understanding and responding to challenging behaviour and much more.

To find out more call 1300 889 335 or e-mail fostercare.eastern@anglicarevic.org.au with FRIENDS as the subject line.

Residential care under fire

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The Age has run a front-page article today detailing some of the pitfalls of the teenage residential care system. Along with other media and professionals, The Age is increasing pressure on the State Government to resolve some of the ongoing issues with the system as part of the current Out of Home Care review in Victoria. You can read the full article here .

Could this be you?

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The Friends of Foster Care program is currently seeking Friends volunteers to be matched with the following children and/or young people and their foster families.  

  1. A Friend needed is to support a Year 7 girl who plays netball on Saturdays. The Friends volunteer would meet the aspiring young star at her carer’s home, drive her to the courts & watch the game before heading back.  
  2. A Friend is needed to support a foster family by providing one-on-one time with children in the foster carer’s home. This busy household would greatly benefit from having a Friend who can read books to children, play board games, help with homework and supervise children while the carer cooks dinner and other household chores.    

These are just two examples of the many ways Friends can support foster care. Friends are matched according to their abilities, lifestyles, interests and strengths. Call 1300 889 335 for more information.

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