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If you live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne you may be interested in attending one of Anglicare Victoria’s foster care information sessions.

Foster Care Information Night – Mount Waverley
Alvie Hall, corner of High St Rd & Alvie Rd, Mount Waverley
11th February 2009, beginning at 7:30 pm

Foster Care Information Night – Blackburn South
The Avenue Neighbourhood House, 87 Eley Rd, Blackburn South
12th February 2009, beginning at 7:30 pm

Call Josh on 1300 889 335 for more information.

Gay and lesbian foster carers: Adoption inquiry

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This article recently appeared on the Nothern Rivers Echo website.

Mark and his partner Eddie are two gay men living in the Lismore area who are full time foster carers to a 12- year-old girl, Sally*. She has been in their care for the past eight years and their DoCS case worker recently suggested it would be in everybody’s best interest if Mark and Eddie were to adopt her.
But at the moment it is not possible for a same sex couple to adopt a child in NSW. In this case Mark would have to become the adopted father, leaving Eddie with no legal rights or recognition.
However the situation may change. The NSW Minister for Community Services, Linda Burney, recently announced a Standing Committee on Law and Justice will conduct an inquiry into whether the adoption laws should be amended to include same sex couples.

Blogging Carers

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Lynn is a foster carer from the ACT who is blogging about her experiences. This post gives some background, this reflection is also very touching.

Vic Legislation affects baby stats

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Recent state government statistics published by The Age today appear to confirm the anecdotal experience of many agencies across the state: that early intervention legislation has impacted the number of Victorian babies in foster care.

The legeslation means that families who are at risk can be monitored before a child is born with assessments and decisions made much earlier than before…

John McDonald told The Age:

 “Rather than at the crisis point (when) everyone is running around assessing what to do with this newborn baby and mother, it brings a much more planned, methodical and informed approach to the wellbeing of the baby and also mother,” Mr McDonald said. 

The impact for some Victorian foster care agencies has been a increased need for baby carers, as Anglicare Victoria told The Herald Sun last year.

But there is strong consensus from within Victoria and from interstate reports that Victoria that the legislation facilitating early intervention is working well and should be the path for reform in other states Child Protection systems.  

This editorial is also an interesting perspective on the necessity of a “nanny state” when it comes to child protection.

“Compulsive cargiver”

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An interesting and rather controversial article was published by The Australian today, detailing the case of a foster carer who has had her caring career terminated because she was a ‘compulsive carer’. You can read the full article here .

Friends of foster care

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Anglicare Victoria Eastern Region is pleased to announce a new program for the Inner-Eastern Region of Melbourne. Friends of Foster Care volunteers provide support for foster children and their families through practical assistance, transport, occasional child minding, or, through mentorship, tutoring and participating in other social activities with children and young people.

Friends support will mean that children in foster care in the Eastern Region will have the best possible chance of stable, secure placements with their foster families.

Friends can nominate their availability and can be matched with children and families from the Eastern Disability program, Adolescent Community Placement (ACP) as well as the General Foster Care programs.

The first Inner-Eastern Friends of Foster Care training will run from 10am on the 21st of January (free). For enquiries and bookings contact 1300 889 335.

Children of the rainbow: the Autism spectrum

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Writing in response to a telemovie shown recently, Ebru Yaman, a journalist from The Age has written an article from the perspective of a parent of a child with Asperger’s syndrome. She writes passionately and honestly about her own experience of diagnosis and the wider challenges of  accessing supports especially through the education system.

BBC telemovie, The Magnificent 7 tells the story of a family with not one but four boys who fit along the Autism spectrum.

The Eastern Disability Program supports many families in similar circumstances when Autism is coupled with an intellectual disability or developmental delay through respite care, foster care and a Friends program and is always keen to get in touch with new volunteers who would like to get involved. For more information call 1300 889 335.

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