A follow up on the permanent care story…

September 5, 2007 at 2:44 pm | Posted in Articles, Media | 3 Comments

Also from the Herald Sun, yesterday.

VICTORIANS have opened their hearts to Jamie, the adorable two-year-old who needs a permanent family.

And draftsman Bruce Smith — also a cerebral palsy sufferer adopted as an infant — says little Jamie only needs the right family support to make a success of his life.

Like Jamie, Mr Smith spent his early years in foster care before finding a permanent home. And, like Jamie, there were no guarantees he would learn to walk.

Against the odds, he did.

Mr Smith, 29, is certain his life would have been very different if not for the generous couple who offered to raise him.

“I know where I came from, and I have done enough research to know where I would have been and what I would have been around,” he said.

“With the support of my adoptive family I have made it to where I am today.

“All Jamie needs is one person, or one couple — someone willing to put in the time and effort and give the kid a good home,” he said.

Child protection workers removed Jamie from his parents as a newborn and he has been in foster care ever since.

The Department of Human Services received 140 voicemail messages at the weekend from people who had read of Jamie’s plight in the Herald Sun.

DHS Adoption and Permanent Care Program manager Irene Henning said despite the high number of calls finding a home for Jamie would be a lengthy process.

“It was great there was interest, but please continue to ring,” she said.

“You find by the time you sort through them you are not necessarily left with a lot of calls.

“It is not going to happen overnight. This is a lifelong placement and they have to be thoughtful and planned.”

The department is also looking for permanent carers for other kids in foster care who need a full-time home.

Anyone interested in caring for Jamie can contact the Adoption and Permanent Care Program on 9843 6413.



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